12 March 2017
Final Results of Ranking Universities and Research Centers of Iran
Department of ranking universities and research centers of Iran in ISC ranked Iran’s universities and research centers for the sixth consecutive year based on the criteria approved in the sixth extraordinary meeting of the ministers of higher education of the Islamic countries in 2015-2016.

Dr. Dehghani, president of the Islamic Word Science Citation Center, declared that ISC ranked 159 universities and research centers by 26 indexes in the form of 5 indicators and criteria of Research, Education, International Image, Facilities, and Social-Economical and Industrial activities.

He noted: in this new ranking, some important changes have taken place compared to last years. In current year, research quality has been given more weight. So highly cited and hot papers and also journals which are in Q1 and Q2 groups have been given more attention. Moreover, scientific outputs of the universities such as Review, Note, Article and Letter have been given greater ratio.

He added: the number of books written by faculty members, numbers of universities’ contracts, and number of joint international articles are among ranking indicators of ISC in this year. Also, beside scientific output of universities in Web of Science, indexed scientific outputs in ISC have been taken into consideration in this ranking.

Dr. Dehghani said: the number of universities in this ranking is increasing every year and now we can see 14% growth in this regard compared to the last year.

Universities and research centers ranked in 2010 to 2016 are presented in the following graph.

Below, annual attendance rate of the universities and research centers in five groups of Comprehensive, Technology, Research Centers, Art and Medical Sciences universities are presented.

In the following, we can see tables in which top 10 Comprehensive, Technology, Research Centers, Medical Sciences and 4 Art universities are shown.