17 May 2017
7 step growth of Persian language in SCOPUS
Based on the information extracted from the Scopus citation database in 2016, 1803 Persian publications are indexed in this database. While in 2015, the number of these papers was 1579 which represents 14% growth of Persian in languages of science world. Therefore, rank of Persian publications advanced by 7 steps from 22 in 2012 to 15 in 2016 among other world languages.
The process of internationalization of Persian language has accelerated in recent years so that on average about 1700 papers in Persian have been indexed in this database during the last four years.

It should be noted that although the number of Persian papers indexed in SCOPUS has increased, world science publication has also raised during the last years. In 2000, about 1280000 papers was indexed in this database which is increased to about 2780000 papers in 2016.