1 March 2018
Iran's universities presence in the nine areas of the 2016 QS ranking
QS Ranking is one of the most prestigious international ranking systems that are being made by Kakarly Simonds UK Institute. One of the important ratings that this site performs annually is to evaluate universities in different subject areas.

QS Thematic rankings are based on the four indexes of university reputation assessment, employer assessment, citation rates per article, and h-index, and these indicators, each with a weight proportional to each subject area, are indicated for the best universities. Part of the information required for the QS rankings is obtained through the Scopus Citation Database, and the other part is derived from survey data.

The 2018 ranking of top universities ranked the world''s top universities in 48 domains in the five general fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology, biotechnology, medicine, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

Ranking in five general areas of QS, 2018

In the ranking of five areas including natural sciences, engineering and technology, biological and medical sciences, social sciences and the arts and humanities, Iran''s universities ranked at the top among the two areas of engineering, technology and medical sciences.

The status of Iranian universities in the 2018 QS ranking