6 Agust 2018
The Webometrics ranking of world universities has been published
According to ISC Department of Public Relations and International Scientific Collaboration: “Tehran University of Medical Sciences ranked first among all medical universities of Iran and climbed to 400 top universities of the world” said the world''s leading Webometrics ranking of world universities.
ISC President, Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani announced that the report was extracted from the Webometrics site, the most authoritative and comprehensive reference authority for university websites ranking. The website annually updates its ranking report and also updates the latest changes every year.
He said that the data from this report was extracted from the latest edition (July 2018), adding that the study''s findings suggest that Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and Michigan ranked first to fifth Between all universities in the world. Also, the survey of the top 50 globally geographically top universities indicated that 41 universities in the United States and 4 universities in the UK, 2 universities in Canada, a university in Hong Kong, one in Switzerland, and a Chinese university.
The universities surveyed in this ranking are ranked by four indicators, and in total, the highest is 100, which is divided by the four indicators based on their significance. The first index, which accounts for 5% of the total, is the number of main domain and subdomains of the university of interest (Presence index name). The second indicator, the most important indicator of all, is 50% of the score of 100%. This index calculates the number of return links (incoming) of a university to external networks, of course, after normalization (Impact index name). The third indicator, which accounts for 10% of the total, is the number of citations received from top university writers (Transparency or Openness Index). The fourth index, accounting for 35% of the total, calculates the number of most cited articles (10% received the highest citations) in 26 subject areas over the period from 2012 to 2016. A webometric ranking system employs a total of 12,000 universities in the world and 605 universities in Iran.
Top 20 Iranian Universities in Webometrics Ranking
The president of ISC, explined that webometric ranking system in a total of 12,000 universities in the world and 605 universities in Iran has been ranked. He said the data from the first table indicates that Tehran University, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Sharif industrial university ranked as the top three among the universities in Iran. In terms of geographical division, the top 5 universities are all located in Tehran.