10 November 2016
ISC and UPM inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Shiraz, Iran during UPM top officials’ visit to ISC
Following a meeting to discuss bilateral ties and reciprocal cooperation, Dr. M.J. Dehghani President of Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and Dr. Aini Ideris Vice-Chancellor of University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) signed the MoU on scientific collaboration.

The MoU was signed in the presence of Dr. Abbas Ghanbari Scientific Counselor and Director of Iranian Students in East Asia and Malaysian delegation consisting of 13 top officials including deputy vice chancellor in students and alumni affairs, chairman of the board of director, director of international center, dean of the school of graduate studies, chief executive officer of UPM education and Training, executive officer of alumni center of UPM.

The meeting arranged by Dr. Abbas Ghanbari ensured that ISC helps UPM to promote its status scientifically, assist it in internationalizing UPM by organizing training courses and consultations, tracing the scientific status of UPM and providing it reports periodically, indexing UPM scientific journals in its database, assess and monitor UPM research performance, ranking and evaluating scientific journals, analyze based on bibliometric indicators and report the results to UPM.

ISC will also provide access to its products and databases to UPM, organize training courses on how to use each of their products, hold Scientometric workshops to increase researchers’ performance. ISC will also rank faculty members and researchers of UPM. Both parties will endeavor to strengthen, promote and develop co-operation between ISC and UPM.

UPM will collect and submit journals to ISC for indexing. Both parties will also hold joint workshops, seminars and conferences on issues of mutual interest. Joint information databases and databanks will be established for the benefit of users in both the countries. Both these agreements are for a period of five years which can be renewed later on.

Introducing missions and services of ISC, Dr. Dehghani emphasized the role of this center in assessing the research performance of scientists, universities, institutions and scientific journals of the Islamic countries and providing necessary grounds for enhancing the quality of research and establishing an efficient scientific network in the Islamic World.

He said this database compiles, analyzes, and shares high quality, multidisciplinary scientific information. ISC collects and indexes scientific documents of non‐English speaking OIC countries published in native languages, including Malaysian journals.

Dr. Aini Ideris Vice-Chancellor of University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) stated that cooperation with ISC will definitely result in conducting mutual research projects and enhancement of quality and quantity of UPM’s scholarly publications.

Finally, she asked ISC to hold scientometric training workshops in UPM for researchers and university students of Malaysia to get further acquainted with ISC’s missions and services.