11 February 2017
225 Iran International scientists will come together in Shiraz
Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, President of Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) pointing to the “National Top Scientists Symposium” said: 225 Iran top scientists who have the most world citations will be appreciated.
Dehghani while pointing to the fact that conducting scientific papers to the needs of the society and economic impact is one of the most important issues now, noted that this Symposium will be held in Shiraz in Feb. 18-19, 2017 for this purpose.
He mentioned: from the responsibilities of ISC are introducing the most cited universities and scientific authorities, reporting qualitative growth of scientific output of the Islamic countries and introducing top universities in producing the most cited articles in national and international areas. Top scientists will be known based on their quality of products rather than quantity.
The participants in this symposium are scientists who have scientific impact in international level based on the number of citations to their papers and so are among the 1% top scientists of the world.
He added: the criterion of selecting these scientists was the number of citations in the period of 10 years. They are selected from different fields such as Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Agricultural Science, etc…
This Symposium will cover three issues: position of Islamic World Science Citation Center, higher education opportunities and challenges, and promoting and developing third- generation universities.